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Halloween Terror 2017 is here, along with a suite of sick skins

Ana, Reaper, McCree, Symmetra and more are all blessed with some holiday skins.

This is a representation of what’s about to happen to my wallet.

Halloween Terror is here, along with the Dr. Junkenstein game mode and a whole wardrobe of incredible new skins for our favorite heroes. Have you been waiting for a brand new Ana skin? Do you wish that your Symmetra was decidedly more spooky? This is the time of year for you.

The new game mode is always exciting, but let’s be honest: everyone’s here for those sweet, sweet holiday skins. We’ve got you covered with a holiday of the game’s eight new spooky skins. Well, most of them are spooky. Try not to get too scared as you flip through this handy gallery!

We have a pirate Ana, dragon Symmetra, Chinese hopping vampire (Jiangshi) Mei, Dracula Reaper, Van Helsing McCree, viking Torbjorn, Cthulhu Zenyatta (oh my god) and Olivia-Newton John Zarya. While not all of these skins are spooky, they are all very good and also wonderful.

It is also worth noting that last year’s skins, including the marvelous Dr. Junkenstein himself, is available for only 1000 gold. Which skins did you miss last year that you will be adding to your collection this time around? What new skins do you deem as unmissable?