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Junkenstein’s Revenge survival game mode returns to Overwatch

It now comes with an Endless mode, for folks that really love punishment


The 2017 Halloween Horror game mood hit today and it is glorious. In addition to some spectacularly spooky skins, the wave based game mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, has returned to the arcade. Players can group up as 76, Ana, McCree and Hanzo to fight off swarms of Zomnics and Junkenstein’s host of evil bosses. This year also adds Symmetra as The Summoner to the mix, wearing her fiery new dragon skin.

This year, Junkenstein’s Revenge has an alternative mode as well. The “Endless” mode will add more playable characters to the roster (Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Zenyatta and Zarya) and task heroes with a impossible task: survive 12 waves. As these are arcade modes, you can earn loot boxes every week for finishing them, which is a fun and efficient way to get some new rewards.

Halloween Terror and Junkenstein’s Revenge will be around until November 1, although you can play as much as you want until then.