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NRG’s Overwatch League team will be called the San Francisco Shock

North America finally has its second Overwatch League team!

Blizzard Entertainment

Another one of the Overwatch League’s founding teams has made their new name official as the San Francisco Shock join the league. The team made the name announcement with this short teaser video on Twitter.

San Francisco Shock are the third team to officially unveil their Overwatch League team, joining Shanghai Dragons and the Dallas Fuel. Meanwhile, there are still several teams that have yet to make the announcement including the two Los Angeles teams and New York.

Unlike some of the other teams in the Overwatch League, particularly those that have not announced their official name yet, Shock will come in with a fully formed roster, which they announced via another social media video several weeks ago.

The roster itself contains many of Overwatch’s star players including Jay “Sinatraa” Won and Andrej “Babybay” Francisty as well as Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews.

The Overwatch League will kick off competition in December with a preseason, with the first official season beginning in January 2018.