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What would we like to see from BlizzCon?

Blizzard’s biggest announcements are almost here.

Blizzard Entertainment

BlizzCon is only a few weeks away and Overwatch needs some help in the content department. As usual, Cass and Ryan are here to blab about random stuff that we would like to see in Overwatch. So, what should Blizzard announce at BlizzCon this November?

Let’s talk about it.


First and foremost, I want a new hero. Doomfist has settled into the cast very well, and he has some interesting storyline stuff going on. He’s also pretty fun to play and seems to be appropriately balanced compared to say, launch Ana or Sombra. So that’s great! The lustre’s gone, though, and I want a fancy new hero. I want to see the flood of fan art and theories that come with their reveal. If it’s a support, that’s even better.

New heroes often come with new cinematics, so if we can get one of those, it’d be absolutely aces. Or, heck, even an Origins animation. Even something in the style of The Plan! I’m hungry to see an adventure play out with our cast, and there’s plenty of conflicts in the world that could easily kick off into a sweet, sweet video for our eyes.

Finally, and I recognize this is a little vague, I’m hungry for new lore. Yes, I know we’ve been getting new comics, and I actually really enjoy those! That being said, after the First Strike graphic novel was cancelled, I’ve been hoping for some kind of replacement. A full sized graphic novel, an ARG (that’s pulled off a little less aggravatingly than the Sombra one), another in-game event like Uprising... I want that sweet Overwatch lore.


Look, you all came here knowing that Cass was going to say she wants new lore. It should come as no surprise that I want new gameplay. What I need from Overwatch right now is a reason to come back. So we are starting with the same request that Cass made: a new hero.

Doomfist was a cool release and I was just as excited for him as all of you. Unfortunately, I am absolutely horrendous at offensive heroes. They don’t like me and frankly, I don’t care much for them either. I play support in Overwatch and that is what I would like to see.

Supports are so crucial to this game. The utility they bring can change the way the entire team plays and shift the meta dramatically. Give me a support Blizzard. Even if I still just end up playing nothing but Zenyatta, I’ll love you forever.

Blizzard Entertainment

A new hero is pretty much a given for BlizzCon. What I really want is some kind of Overwatch expansion. What could this be you ask? I don’t know sweet reader, it could be anything. It could be multiple heroes unleashed at once, tons of new maps and permanent new modes. What I really want from Overwatch is something story based. If we were able to get an Overwatch story campaign, that could finally put the story into a digestible stream, I would be so thankful.

I have big hopes for BlizzCon. An expansion seems pretty unlikely but hell, I like to dream big. More than anything, I want Blizzard to surprise me. I want them to show something, anything that makes me want to come back and visit their world again. With so many incredible games coming out this year, it’s been hard to stick with Overwatch like I did when it first released. I want whatever they show to change that.