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Get spooked with this new Halloween Terror tapestry

A gorgeous tapestry lays out all of the Overwatch characters who go bump in the night.

Blizzard Entertainment

After last year’s Junkenstein comic, it seemed obvious that the small, self-contained mythos of Halloween Terror could use a little expansion. Last year gave us the spooky tale of Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, a wise king, and the Witch of the Wilds. (We also got a sneak peek at this year’s Halloween skins, with pirate Ana and Van Helsing McCree attending the party) Sure enough, this year, we got a new treat... well, it’s also kind of a trick.

Gray Shuko has created a new, massive tapestry that depicts the endless night descending upon Eichenwalde - er, actually, it’s a sleepy town called Aldersbrunn. The story is simple: Last year, Dr. Jamison Junkenstein started his mad quest for revenge. Four heroic Wanderers held him and his endless army of Zomnics off. The Witch of the Wilds, however, was not so easily stopped. She resurrected Junkenstein, recruited the beautiful and draconic Summoner, and began a new march.

Now, four new Wanderers hold the gates: The Viking, the Countess, the Swordsman, and the Monk.

This gorgeous tapestry sets the story, but there’s only one way to see how it ends: by queueing up for a game of Junkenstein’s Revenge and holding the gates yourself. So, seriously guys, stop photobombing the bad guys and start slaying them. Aldersbrunn needs four saviors.