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Immortals announce Los Angeles Valiant for Overwatch League

One of the most anticipated OWL brands reveals its name and logo!

We finally know the name of the first Los Angeles Overwatch League team, Los Angeles Valiant. Immortals, who own the franchise location, made the announcement today via a short video.

Valiant are the fourth team announced for the Overwatch League alongside the Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock. Valiant are the first of the two Los Angeles teams to receive an official announcement.

The announcement video focuses on Los Angeles Valiant’s commitment to the fan experience, content creation and helping their roster succeed both in game and out.

Valiant are likely to keep the roster that played as Immortals just a few months ago. despite its tumultuous track record in competitive Overwatch so far. Just a few months ago, they were one of the best teams in North American and proved it by winning Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, with a roster that whose final two players joined the team the night before the tournament. Shortly after that success, the team failed to make playoffs in Contenders Season One, leaving the team with plenty of room to improve as they prepare for the opening of the Overwatch League.

The Overwatch League will kick off competition in December with a preseason, with the first official season beginning in January 2018.