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Blizzard releases Overwatch World Cup documentary series, The Road to BlizzCon

The World’s best teams open up about competing in the World Cup

Blizzard Entertainment

We’re just over a week away from Blizzcon and the conclusion of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup, and to celebrate, Blizzard has announced a documentary about the competition that will cover the different stages of the tournament.

Blizzard announced the documentary Tuesday afternoon, and released the first of the series’ four episodes. This one specifically highlights the highs and lows of the tournament’s Group Stage which took place in China, Australia, Poland and the United States.

The episode features a variety of Blizzard employees and players talking about what makes the tournament so special and the excitement and difficulties faced at each stage. For the players the series focuses on the honor of representing their countries and the struggle to reach the tournament’s biggest stage at Blizzcon.

The Overwatch World Cup will play its final stages at BlizzCon on November 3 and 4, where the final eight teams — The United Kingdom, Sweden, China, France, Canada, Australia, South Korea and United States — will compete for the title of the World Champion.

The playlist is available here, and new videos will be added daily.