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Halloween Terror 2017 kicks off on October 10th, 2017

Over twenty days of Halloween terror is coming to Overwatch!

Blizzard Entertainment

Over at Heroes Never Die, we’re ready for Halloween. In fact, we even have a list of skins that would make our year. One of our wishes has already come true, thanks to this Twitter teaser.

There are three very exciting things here.

One, we know that Halloween Terror is coming on October 10th, just before Friday the 13th. (I’m feeling pretty spooked right about now...) The event will wrap up on November 2nd, giving us just over 20 days of error.

Two, we know Dr. Junkenstein is back.

Three, we’re getting monster hunter McCree and what looks like a spooky Reaper vampire skin.

If Halloween Terror is like the Summer Games, we can expect last year’s content to be on discount along with a whole new array of legendary skins, sprays, voice lines, and more. We’re also likely returning to Eichenwalde for the alternate take on Overwatch where the party plays four desperate fighters warding off the Witch of the Wilds and Dr. Junkenstein.

There’s one last thing you need to know: there is a skeleton inside you, right this second. Let the terror of that revelation tide you over until October 10th.