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Team Envy unveils the Dallas Fuel brand for the Overwatch League

Following the Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel is the first North American Overwatch League brand

Dallas Fuel

After the recent Shanghai Dragons reveal, it became clear that the other founding members of the Overwatch League would be unveiling their new brands soon. Team Envy has stepped up to the plate as the first North American team to release their new name, colors, and brand. They will be competing as Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League.

“We’re thrilled to bring a championship-caliber franchise to the area with the Dallas Fuel,” said Mike Rufail, the Texas-born owner and CEO of Team Envy in a statement provided to press. “In choosing a name, we wanted to speak to our Texas roots, connect with the legacy of our partners Ken Hersh and the Hersh Interactive Group, and provide a rallying cry for local fans as esports continues to grow. Fuel accomplishes that, and the Dallas Fuel is a team we’re proud to permanently plant in Texas.”

Dallas Fuel

Heroes Never Die recently spoke to Rufail about being a founding member of the Overwatch League. Dallas is his home city, and he’s interested in heavily investing in a place near and dear to his heart. “We really wanted to make the fans in the Dallas area and Texas feel like they were getting something that is theirs. We want to make sure it feels like it’s authentic.”

Rufail spoke about wanting to cultivate something true to Texas, including the tradition of tailgating outside the arena. The name Dallas Fuel is certainly true to that. On a more aesthetic level, I have to note that Genji is looking pretty slick in Dallas blue. Combined with Shanghai Dragons Mei, it seems like Overwatch League cosmetics are an inevitability.

The Overwatch League will be kicking off with show matches in a December 6th preseason, and begin in earnest at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank on January 10th.