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Team Envy and Team Gigantti are the champions of Overwatch Contenders Season One

Next up, the Overwatch League in December!

Blizzard Entertainment

The first official season of Overwatch Contenders has come to a close and its first champions have been crowned. In Europe, Team Gigantti took home first place in the playoffs, while Team Envy are the champions of North America.

Blizzard Entertainment

Team Envy winning the North American title shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who watched them play in Contenders Season One. During the regular season Envy went undefeated and looked almost completely unchallenged over the course of their seven matches.

The playoffs were no different, as Team Envy won both the semifinals and the Finals of Contenders Season One without dropping a single map, dominating both FNRGFE and Faze Clan, two of North America’s top teams, with no struggle at all. Team Envy has always been one of Overwatch’s top competitive teams and will be renamed to the Dallas Fuel as they prepare to join the Overwatch League later this year.

Blizzard Entertainment

For Team Gigantti, the path to the Overwatch Contenders Season One title was an uncomplicated one. During the tournament’s regular season, Gigantti lost just one match, against their eventual opponents in the finals, Misfits, helping Gigantti to finish in second place going into the playoffs.

During the first match of the Playoffs, team Gigantti faced off against 123, the third place team from the regular season, defeating them handily 3-0. The European Finals was an incredible best-of-seven that went all seven maps with Gigantti barely managing to take the seventh game and win the European title.

The Team Gigantti roster is the remains of the team that was once Ninjas in Pyjamas, and later, the player owned and controlled, Rest in Pyjamas, after the NiP parent company dropped the roster and left competitive Overwatch.