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The Republic of Korea Army hosted an Overwatch tournament for its soldiers

Check out these real soldiers competing against each other in Overwatch!

Blizzard Entertainment

The Republic of Korea Army is currently hosting an ongoing Overwatch tournament that pits teams of soldiers from different divisions against each other. The tournament seems to be called the Overwatch Soldier 76 Tournament, with the ROK Army.

The tournament, apparently put on by the Chief General, according to Reddit user bartlet4us, includes quite a few highly ranked players including a few former pro players currently doing the mandatory military service required of men in South Korea. All of the players in the tournament compete in uniform giving it a distincly different feel from any other competitive Overwatch tournament.

According to bartlet4us, the tournament also had significant prizes including prize money, as well as a bit of extra vacation time going to the team that won the competition.

For a better look at the event, check out the stream below where the 25th division and 36th division square off against one another.