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London Spitfire debut their Overwatch League branding and name

The Cloud9 owned team give the face of Overwatch, Tracer, a hearty nod in their branding

London Spitfire

The face of Overwatch is obviously Lena “Tracer” Oxton, and Cloud9 have given her one heck of a nod in the branding of their Overwatch League team: the London Spitfire. While Tracer, a former Royal Air Force pilot, is an obvious inspiration for the Spitfire, the name also harkens back to The Few who piloted the Spitfire during the 1940’s.

London is currently the only European team in the Overwatch League, and one of three teams outside of North America, along with the Seoul Dynasty and the Shanghai Dragons. Their name shows that the Spitfire are intent on representing their home city.

London Spitfire

Cloud9’s owner, Jack Etienne, commented on the debut in a statement released to press. “We’re excited to represent London in the Overwatch League with the Spitfire. We’ve put together a fantastic team and are anxious to see them in action in the debut season of the Overwatch League early next year.”

While the debut season of the Overwatch League will take place in Los Angeles, the second season and onward will see games played out in each team’s host city. “London leads the world in creativity and cutting-edge technology and the city’s games and esports industry plays a major part in that success,” said Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, in a press release. “Good luck to all those representing the capital on the London Spitfire team in the Overwatch League.”

The Overwatch League is set to begin with a preseason in December 2017 before launching into the first season in January 2018.