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Moira is live with Overwatch’s Nov. 16 Patch

Even more Mercy changes!

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s latest patch has finally gone live and that means Moira has officially entered the fray. While Moira’s release may be the clear standout of this patch, there are a few other big changes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The biggest change this patch came to support heroes, and they aren’t too far off what we saw earlier this month on the PTR. Most noticeable to players will be the Mercy changes as she continues to be cleaned up after her rework. Mercy’s Resurrect now has a cast time of almost two seconds, and her movement speed will be reduced 75 percent when she is casting it. Thankfully for Mercy mains, both of these are removed if she uses Resurrect during Valkyrie.

Meanwhile, the other major support change comes to Ana in the form of a damage increase on her Biotic Rifle from 60 damage to 70. The change may not sound like much, but it should go a long way in helping Ana make her way back into the meta after being shown up by other supports over the last few months.

As for the changes we didn’t know about before hand, they’ll mostly be added visuals. Things like giving Lucio an indicator for which song he is playing in spectator mode, or adding a health bar to Winston’s shield to help allies know how much longer it’s safe to hide behind. Even Mercy’s Caduceus Staff got a little attention as both healing and damaging beams should be a little easier to see now.