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LA Gladiators unveiled as Overwatch League’s second Los Angeles franchise

The purple and white lion logo couldn’t be a better match for Reinhardt!

The Overwatch League has gained its second Los Angeles franchise with the announcement that the LA Gladiators will be joining the league. The announcement came via a press release on Thursday afternoon, along with Blizzard’s short teaser showing off the logo and an early look at the team’s uniform.

The team is owned by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment who also own and operate the Los Angeles Rams NFL team as well as several other professional sports teams throughout the world.

The team’s colors, modeled in their official announcement art by Reinhardt, are white and purple with the logo, a lion emblazoned on a battle-scared shield. LA Gladiators will make their official roster announcement soon, according to the press release.

The LA Gladiators will be joined in the league’s first season by 12 other teams representing a variety of cities throughout the world. The Overwatch League will begin preseason play on December 6, with the regular season starting on January 10, in Burbank California at Blizzard Arena.