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The newest Overwatch cinematic, Honor and Glory, is all about Reinhardt

The Crusader hasn’t always been dedicated to duty and protection above all else.

Blizzard Entertainment

Hey, remember that time we watched a cinematic of a poor little Bastion trying to make its way in a world it didnt quite understand? Sure, there were a few intercut scenes of war and destruction, but The Last Bastion made Bastions look lovable and harmless.

We get to see the other side of that conflict in Honor and Glory, the newest Overwatch cinematic. Brigitte and Reinhardt discuss Winston’s Recall, the initiative that restarts Overwatch and calls every old agent back into the fold to begin operations anew (and illegally). Reinhardt thinks back to the defining battle of his life, where the Crusaders held Eichenwalde against the Omnic advance.

We finally get to see the real horror hinted at in The Last Bastion, and we also get to find out that the armor we’ve been fighting over at Eichenwalde contains the corpse of Reinhardt’s old commander.

Holy MOLY.

Honor and Glory is one of the darkest cinematics yet, even though it ends with Reinhardt’s decision to rejoin Overwatch. As of BlizzCon 2017, the canonically confirmed roster of new Overwatch is Winston, Tracer, Mei, and Reinhardt (likely along with Brigitte).

We also finally get confirmation that Reinhardt wasn’t lying: his hair was amazing.