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Moira’s Origins animation showcases Overwatch’s new support scientist

The new animation shows why Moira is on the front lines of both science and the battlefield

Blizzard Entertainment

The “What’s Next for Overwatch” BlizzCon 2017 panel showcased the Origins animation for our newest hero, Moira. Moira, the new support healer, has a very dark backstory backing her up. Moira is a scientist, but unlike Mei and Winston, she’s all about progress at any cost.

Michael Chu insisted that Moira’s not interested in conquering the world, despite her Talon affiliation—she just wants to understand the principles of human life, and she doesn’t particularly care about the quality of life of her subjects. We saw a glimpse of a Blackwatch Valkyrie-suited Moira experimenting on Reyes in a way that may have hastened his change into Reaper, and now she sits at Talon’s table.

Overwatch may have held Moira back, but Blackwatch welcomed her into the fold. Blizzard designed her with the goal of creating an ethically questionable healer to round out the angel, monk, DJ, and mom on the support cast. Her original concept even rocked massive, red tentacles (although they couldn’t figure out how to make that work in game).

While there’s still plenty of mystery left to Moira, this new animation gives us a good look as to how far she’s willing to go in the pursuit of science.