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South Korea are the 2017 Overwatch World Cup champions

This is the team’s second straight World Cup title!

Blizzard Entertainment

South Korea defended their title of World Champion defeating Canada in the 2017 World Cup Finals 3-1 at Blizzcon to win their second World Cup in a row.

Like every other team, South Korea’s journey started at the Group Stage, where South Korea was absolutely dominant, flying past their competition on their way to qualifying for the Blizzcon Stage of the tournament.

At Blizzcon, the South Korean team continued their dominance, but not right away. The team’s only real challenge of the tournament came in their quarterfinal match up against the United States who technically lost 3-1, but tied the South Korean side on one map and took the others about as close as any team could. In their second match, however, South Korea rolled past France with no issues at all. Ultimately, South Korea faced Canada in the World Cup Finals where they beat the Canadian side 4-1 with two fairly close matches among the five the teams played.

This is South Korea’s second Overwatch World Cup victory. Canada took home the silver medal at the tournament, with Sweden taking down France to win their own Bronze medal.