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Moira hits Overwatch PTR with an array of awesome cosmetics

From her golden weapon to her legendary skins, Moira boasts a ton of sweet, sweet cosmetics

Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re excited for Moira, Overwatch’s new sinister support scientist, then you’re going to love her content on the PTR. While some content isn’t a surprise (we got to see her legendary skins concept art at BlizzCon, and every hero gets a golden weapon), there’s definitely some neat stuff worth taking a closer look at. Let’s get to it!

First of all, there was the obvious question of how Moira wields a golden weapon at all. Surely that’s difficult when her hands are the weapon, right? The answer is simple: give her golden bracers.

Blizzard Entertainment

It’s a touch less dramatic than golden nails or veins, but it offsets the black and purple nicely. Besides, the Midas Touch isn’t always a good thing.

Next, we have her 75-credit skins that give her default robes a recolor.

Fiery, Royal, Selkie, and Whiskey are all super easy to unlock, and give you a set of basic cosmetics for Moira.

Next up are her 250 unlocks, Ornate and Pale. These are a step up, offering a green and bronze or a classy cream take on Moira.

All of these skins are great, and I can see myself rocking Pale, but let’s be honest: Ever since we met Moira, we all wanted to see her legendaries in game. She has two sets: one where she’s in her day job garb as a Minister of Genetics in Oasis, and one where she’s a Bowie-style rock star. Both of these are incredible and I would do anything to get my mitts on them.

That’s right — Moira works for Talon, but her true love is science, so she’ll totally moonlight on the side in Oasis. These skins were designed by the same artist who gave us the gorgeous Oasis Symmetra, and hopefully we’ll see more Oasis aesthetic in the future.

Speaking of aesthetic, Moira’s Glam skins are out of control amazing.

Moira is all about style and substance, and these skins allow her to express both. If you want some ch-ch-changes to Moira’s basic look, then saving up the 1,000 credits for one of her glam rock skins is essential. She may not be the man who fell to earth, but she’s a welcome addition to the Overwatch roster. I’m out of David Bowie jokes, so let’s move onto some sweet, sweet sprays.

Moira’s all about science, and these sprays drive home that she’s dedicated to the point of passing over into villainry. She concocts potions that send out little puffs of skull smoke (ominous!), experiments on little cute beasties (tragic!), and even puts herself through the rigors of experimentation (well, at least she’s consistent?).

We can expect Moira to hit the live game, along with the rest of her cosmetics and in-game unlockables, before the end of 2017.