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San Francisco Shock fire esports manager after sexual assault allegations

Overwatch League team took swift action by firing Max Bateman after allegations and texts hit Twitter.

San Francisco Shock

NRG Esports, the owner of Overwatch League team San Francisco Shock, have fired esports manager Max Batemen after sexual assault allegations were posted on Twitter. Twitch streamer Dezaray Luna, who streams under the handle Krystlin, posted the allegations on Sunday night.

Luna wrote that the alleged attack happened on Sept. 30, while she was out with Bateman and NRG’s Overwatch players. She followed up her tweet with texts between the two parties. Luna said she has been unsuccessful in having her case prosecuted by police.

NRG Esports CEO and founder Andy Miller responded to the allegations by firing Bateman. In a brief statement on Twitter, Miller explained that Bateman’s termination was in accordance with the organization’s zero tolerance policy. NRG declined to follow up on Miller’s initial statement.

These allegations come out in the wake of several large scandals in the entertainment and tech industries surrounding sexual harassment and assault, leading to the #MeToo movement and a growing number of allegations against industry figures.

By press time, Max Bateman and Blizzard Entertainment had not responded to a request for comment. Bateman said on Twitter his statement on the allegations was forthcoming.