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Tracer steals the show in the latest Ready Player One trailer

What can we say? Our girl looks good on the big screen

Blizzard Entertainment

Ready Player One, the Steven Spielberg movie adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel, has gathered a fair amount of buzz already. The story follows a young man in a digital world full of pop culture references. It looks like it should be a fun romp down memory lane, but—hold on, who’s that in the trailer? Computer, freeze frame. Computer, enhance.

That’s right, it’s Tracer, front and center with Street Fighter’s Chun Li. She looks amazing.

Hey, you know what would be a fantastic idea for a Ready Player One spinoff? Okay, so, take Tracer, and explore the circumstances that led to her becoming an internationally known figure. This spinoff could explore the rise of watchdog organization Overwatch against the backdrop of the omnic crisis. We could see Lena Oxton become unstuck in time as a daring pilot, and then her salvation via chrono-accelerator.

Make an Overwatch movie. That’s what I’m getting at, here. Give us an Overwatch movie. For now, this Ready Player One trailer will have to be a balm on the open wound on my soul that needs more Overwatch.