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Winter Wonderland 2017 brings a bevy of gorgeous seasonal skins

Ana, Sombra, the Junkers, Bastion, and more all get into the holiday spirit with new skins.

Blizzard Entertainment

Winter Wonderland is here, and like children running to open presents, we’re absolutely delighted to see what skins we have in store. Sure, Mei’s Yeti Hunt mode looks like a blast, but that’s a seasonal event. Skins, skins are here to stay forever. We must treasure each skin, especially when we get such a high quality crop of them. Let’s take a look at what Santa Blizzard left under our tree this year, shall we?


Blizzard Entertainment

Ana is in sore need of good skins, but after she picked up her Corsair skin for Halloween, I was expecting her to sit this event out. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my entire life. Look at her! She’s beautiful! This is a fun, creative skin that I couldn’t have predicted, and its absolutely gorgeous.


Blizzard Entertainment

I predicted that Roadhog’s skin would be Santa Roadhog, and once again, I am both wrong and utterly delighted to be wrong. Walrus hunter Roadhog is somehow adorable. I love his fishbone pauldron, his hat, his walrus mask, I love his little zipper accessory, I love his new hook. For the first time, I look at Roadhog and feel nothing but joy in my little heart. What a feeling!


Blizzard Entertainment

There has gotta be a Junkrat skin to go with Roadhog, and I predicted we’d see a Jingle Tracer style elf suit. Once again, I was wrong. This skin is legitimately very funny, but I’m not sure how often I’m going to use it. I’m a little alarmed by how much skin Junkrat’s taken here. Jamison should be more aware of the dangers of excessive sun, in my opinion. We need a responsible adult over here. Oh, thank goodness, here’s the perfect guy:

Soldier 76

Blizzard Entertainment

I’m going to be blunt—Soldier 76 didn’t need a skin, and this isn’t lighting my world on fire, but it’s a very cool arctic ops skin. It’s no Ana, but hey, not everything can be. If you’ve been looking for an Arctic Ops ready 76, you’ll be delighted with this skin. If you prefer the Dad side of 76, Grillmaster is still a lovely choice.


Blizzard Entertainment

This skin is beyond adorable. I know Sombra is supposed to be on the bad side of things, or at least the anti-hero path, but I just want to invite this icy little imp inside and offer Sombra her choice of seasonal treats. We can build gingerbread houses together! This looks like the icy equivalent to Symmetra’s recent Dragoness skin, and it might just be Sombra’s best skin yet.


Blizzard Entertainment

This is the Hanzo skin we’ve wanted since Reflections, and it’s pretty nice to see our favorite (or least favorite, depending on how many competitive games you’ve been in lately) archer get the skin. I’m not a big fan of his hair; the side shave was super cute, and this is... less so. Still, it’s nice to know Blizzard listened to our keening howls hoping for this skin. Now we have it! It is in the game, and Hanzo can never forget his hipster jacket shame.


Blizzard Entertainment

There are people who will tell you Bastion is not a good boy. They’ll say he’s a dangerous robot who needs to be put down. They are fools. Do you see that little hat? Look at it! It’s a knitted little hat. I love Bastion, and I love his new little Ganymede. The holiday spirit lives on in every single one of us, unless you think Bastion in bad, in which case I hope you get coal.