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Orisa’s new Winter Wonderland emote is the highlight of 2017

If this emote doesn’t soothe your troubled soul, you are beyond help

Blizzard Entertainment

If I’ve learned anything from the countless seasonal TV specials I’ve watched, it’s that the most important moments aren’t in the big things (like the new set of Winter Wonderland skins), but the subtle moments, like this new legendary emote from Orisa.

That’s right—Orisa opens her present to reveal a puppy, wriggles with delight, and then gently handles the small dog as the two form a bond that will last a lifetime. Orisa is already a completely adorable character, seeing how she’s a giant friendly robot built by a tiny girl genius. Adding a puppy to the mix is just unfair. Presumably, when the battle is done, Orisa, Efi and this new puppy go on adventures and solve crimes around Numbani.

Blizzard’s lore is continually at its best when they rely on the strength of their characters and their high tier presentation to set up a situation, and then let fans fill in the gaps. This is a perfect example, even if it’s just in a silly Christmas emote. Orisa gingerly opening the box, wriggling with delight, and then her hesitant but overjoyed movements tell a story in the space of just a few seconds. Orisa may not have scored a skin this Winter Wonderland, but she got a friend for life, so she gets out ahead.

Meanwhile, her nemesis Doomfist received a pretty scant Christmas cosmetic:

Who is he throwing that snowball at? Will they be able to survive?
Blizzard Entertainment

That’s right; Orisa gets a legendary emote where she meets man’s best friend and Doomfist gets... a scarf and some ribbons? She may not have gotten a skin, but between this emote and her recent prominence in pro play, winter 2017 is the age of Orisa.