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What if Overwatch had these sweet Star Wars skins?

It’s only a matter of time before Disney buys Blizzard anyway


It’s Star Wars season and that’s enough to put a little extra pep in my step. It’s cold outside, the year is coming to a close and X-Wings are flying overhead. What a time to be alive. Star Wars is one of the biggest franchise of all time ... and Overwatch is one of the biggest video game franchises in years. Why not bring the two together and drain my wallet of any remaining cash?

Stormtrooper: 76

Soldier 76 may have a lot of boring skins, but he is straight up built to wear Stormtrooper armor. There is not a lot about this skin that makes it exciting. It’s not overly cool or particularly clever. It just feels right in so many ways. Plus, most 76 players I run into in Competitive have horrible aim anyway *zing.*

Master Yoda Zenyatta

Now this is a skin idea that’s near and dear to my heart. Site readers already know how much I love Zenyatta. Well, what if I told you that I also hate what they turned Yoda into during the prequels? Why not take a moment to rectify some of the past’s problems. Instead of having Genji Yoda, where the little green Jedi Master can do flips all over the place, give the Yoda skin to a peace loving robot. The orbs could be little rocks that Yoda throws when using the Force to fight his foes. It’s the perfect gift for anyone still bitter enough to be mad about the prequels.


Cassian Andor McCree

You thought I was gonna say Han Solo didn’t you? Well, not only is Cassian from Rogue One less obvious, but McCree is also too lame to be Han Solo. Harrison Ford is too cool to be a obnoxious cowboy that rolls around and throws flash bangs at people. Cassian, on the other hand is a rogue-ish charachter with a little less charm. That really benefits his character in Rogue One and makes him fit nicely for McCree here. Not to mention that Diego Luna’s adorable facial hair works much better than baby faced Harrison Ford.

AT-AT Orisa

I mean, come on. Overwatch has a quadruped robot. One of Star Wars’ most famous vehicles is a quadruped with a weird robot face. Do the math Blizzard and please give Orisa this good skin—she really needs one. Plus we could have a special emote where a little virtual Snowspeeder ties Orisa’s legs up and she falls over.


AT-ST and Chewbacca D.Va

This is great, I love this idea. One of Chewbacca’s most iconic moments is when he steals the AT-ST in Episode VI. He is a rebel pilot in an imperial machine. A imperial machine that is a biped and shoots laser beams. Hmmmm, who do we know like that in Overwatch? Imagine a AT-ST D.Va that stomps around the map causing mayhem. And when she get’s ejected? Chewbacca onesie. We all know that Hana Song is probably a huge Star Wars nerd, why not embrace it.