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The first season of Overwatch Contenders has been announced

Open qualifiers and regional superstars will join OWL Academy teams in Blizzard’s semi-pro tournaments.

Blizzard Entertainment

Earlier this year, Blizzard announced that it would be partnering with many of the most popular Overwatch semi-pro leagues around the world to create the Overwatch Contenders series. Yesterday, Blizzard shed a little more light on the details of this league, as well as which teams would be invited into the league’s first season.

The Overwatch Contenders tournaments will feature an open bracket play-in system that is designed to help amateur teams compete at the level of some of the best in the world. This Open Division began its registration process yesterday, and will feature a six week, Swiss-format season that will see the winner advance to the Contenders Trials tournament, where they can compete for entree into their specifc Overwatch Contenders regions.

The first of the invited teams will be Academy Teams fielded by man of the Overwatch League teams already in existence. The Overwatch League Academy Teams will join their respective regional leagues, alongside the other qualifiers and invitees.

Overwatch League Academy Teams

  • Contenders China: Shanghai Dragons
  • Contenders Europe: London Spitfire
  • Contenders North America: Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem, Houston Outlaws, Los Angeles Gladiators, NYXL, Philadelphia Fusion, San Francisco Shock
Blizzard Entertainment

Joining these teams will be the teams that are invited to join Contenders after strong performances in these leagues previous to becoming official Contenders events. Each of these teams will have the opportunity to accept their invitations to the league before Jan. 9 2018.

Overwatch Contenders Invitees

Contenders China

  • 1246
  • Legend Young Beyond
  • LGD Gaming
  • LinGan esports
  • Lucky Future
  • Miracle Team 1
  • Miraculous Youngster
  • Vici Gaming

Contenders Europe

  • 123
  • Bazooka Puppiez
  • eUnited
  • GamersOrigin
  • Singularity
  • Team Gigantti

Contenders Korea

  • BlossoM (formerly GC Busan)
  • Kongdoo Panthera
  • Lunatic-Hai
  • Foxes (formerly NC Foxes)
  • Runaway
  • WSG Red (formerly LW RED)
  • X-6 Gaming
  • Conbox

Contenders North America

  • Envision
  • Faze Clan
  • Rogue

Contenders Pacific

  • ahq e-Sports Club
  • Ardeont
  • Blank Esports
  • Flash Wolves
  • Hong Kong Attitude
  • Libalent Supreme
  • Machi Esports
  • MEGA Esports