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See Mei and Winston duke it out in the cute new Yeti Hunt comic

A cute and simple comic for the Winter Wonderland event!


Blizzard has released a cute comic showing Mei and Winston battling it out, based off of the new game mode.

Mei’s robot, Snowball, spots a wild Winston and ... chaos ensues.

The comic is different than the more serious and lore-packed stuff we’re used to seeing, but getting some silly stuff every now and then is OK too! The short story is animated slightly with each page turn and has sound effects and music.

Sometimes you’re the Mei and sometimes you’re the Winston.

The art was done by Watt, who used a very cute and fun style that’s reminiscent of a children’s book. The little squishy versions of Mei and Winston are adorable, but also detailed and serious enough to tell the story well. It reminds me of a cartoon short I’d see on a Saturday morning and that is certainly not a bad thing.

Yeti Hunt is one of the exclusive game modes for Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event, ending on January 1.