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The Philadelphia Fusion bow out of the Overwatch League preseason

“Player issues” means that the Fusion will not debut until January 2018

Philadelphia Fusion

The Overwatch League preseason is meant to show off the twelve teams joining the Overwatch League’s debut season with some high octane gameplay. Unfortunately, one team is stepping back from the celebration due to unspecified player issues. The Philadelphia Fusion released a two tweet statement on the matter:

The Fusion have had a rough month since debuting their brand. Su-Min “SADO” Kim received a punishment from Blizzard after being caught account boosting for other players; the tank player was banned for both the preseason and the first thirty matches of the Overwatch League’s inaugural season. The Fusion released a statement on the ban, stating that they intended to stand behind their banned player and support him until he was once again eligible for professional play.

The Fusion was slated to play against the Florida Mayhem on December 8th, but will now debut on January 11th. It is currently unclear whether the recent ban affected the Fusion’s ability to debut, or whether there are other player issues at play.