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You can now get Overwatch League gear straight from the Blizzard store

For when a hand crafted sign or homemade t-shirt just isn’t enough

Looking forward to the Overwatch League? So are we. Well, Blizzard has launched a merchandise store just in time for the holiday season. Now you know what to get the Overwatch fan who has everything.

There are plenty of new things to get from all of your favorite teams: they’ve got t-shirts, jackets and, of course, they’ve got jerseys. You can check out all of this sick swag for yourself on the Blizzard Gear Shop.

The best part of this whole thing? Every purchase you make will help support the team you are representing. It isn’t often that you can officially support your favorite esports team, but now you can.

There are also some cool new Overwatch League specific pieces of gear as well. If you want to get a nice jacket to keep you warm this winter, you can grab a lovely orange and white one embroidered with the Overwatch League logo on the back.

While the site isn’t active quite yet (mind the 404!) it will be going live with the Overwatch League preseason tomorrow.