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Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland mega event is coming on December 12th

We’re finally getting that Hanzo legendary skin, along with a Junkrat/Roadhog legendary duo.

Overwatch - Mei Santa skin
Christmas is coming to town!
Blizzard Entertainment

The holidays are coming! You may be worried about buying presents or getting your cards in the mail, but here’s what you need to understand: all of that is secondary to the upcoming Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch, which sounds like the best seasonal event yet. We got a developer update teasing a lot of the upcoming content, and we’re getting at least one amazing skin we’ve wanted all year and a whole new game mode. The latest Developer Update gives us a sneak peek, but Kaplan admits there’s going to be lots of surprises left in the form of legendary skins. (GIVE US A PHARAH SKIN, PLEASE. I WILL DO ANYTHING. MY HUSBAND HAS TWO HEALTHY KIDNEYS.) Haha! Oh, we have fun here.

The first confirmed skin is that Hanzo is going to get a skin we’ve been waiting for all year, which has to be his modern coat and haircut from Reflections.

Hanzo? More like HandSOME
Blizzard Entertainment

We know Hanzo has had multiple legendary skins in development, and he recently got his anniversary futuristic ninja legendary. It looks like the second legendary skin he gets will be a Christmas Reflections skin. We’re on board. Maybe he can have a cake eating emote as well? That cake looks delicious.

Junkrat and Roadhog will also get legendaries. My bet is that we’ll see a seasonal elf Junkrat and a Santa Roadhog. My heart is already melting just thinking about it. It takes a true friendship to go from criminal heists to saving Christmas by giving gifts to kids, after all.

The really exciting news is all centered around our favorite friend, Mei. Mei’s Snowball Offensive will be returning on Antarctica, and will now be playable on Black Forest as well.

I’m smiling too, Mei.
Blizzard Entertainment

What’s really exciting is the whole new game mode, Mei’s Yeti Hunt. This is the first time we’re getting a new seasonal game mode for a returning year. Mei’s Yeti Hunt will pit five Meis against one Winston. Both the Yeti Hunters and the Yeti are player-controlled — think Left 4 Dead’s Versus mode, or Dead by Daylight. The Meis start out by hunting Winston on Nepal, but Winston can find power-ups around the map. Once he hits Primal Rage, the tables turn, and he can start hunting and eliminating Meis.

Six friends will be able to queue up for Yeti Hunt and switch who gets to play the Yeti between rounds, or you can solo queue up as either the Yeti or a Mei.

We can also expect last year’s legendary skins, including Yeti Winston and Jingle Tracer to drop down to 1000 credits instead of 3000. The rest of the epic and under 2016 content will also get a price drop.

All of this good news is enough to leave us in the holiday spirit. What are you most excited about?