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Overwatch shows off the development process of new map Horizon

The Overwatch dev team had to balance both creative and competitive concerns.

Winston grew up on the new map, Horizon Lunar Colony.
Winston gets to enjoy a homecoming.
Blizzard Entertainment

With seven days to go until the Horizon Lunar Colony hits live Overwatch servers, the developer team released a short video previewing the map and explaining what, exactly, goes into such an endeavor.

There’s some exciting behind-the-scenes stuff for fans interested in the creative side of Overwatch, including the developers explaining how they like to link characters to maps and tell relatable stories through design. For Horizon Lunar Colony, we’re obviously learning a little bit more about Winston, the ape who escaped the moon.

Whether we’ll find out more about Hammond, the second experiment who has escaped, remains to be seen.

The developers also discuss some of the competitive sides of a new map, especially one with a mechanic as ambitious as the low gravity sections. Blizzard is working hard to make sure that Horizon, while being unique, doesn’t “steal away the fun” of competitive play, or create unbalanced scenarios.

After the map launches, you can expect Blizzard to be watching it closely, with analysis to determine whether it was a success. While all the developers agree that the map is fun, they also want to ensure it’s something that doesn’t need to be removed from competitive play.

Horizon will be going live on June 20th, at which point we’ll get to experience the low-grav, high concept fun for ourselves.