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Horizon Lunar Colony is Overwatch’s newest map

Get ready for some low gravity teamfights!

Blizzard Entertainment

As a part of the June 20 Patch Blizzard added to Overwatch a brand new Assault map called Horizon Lunar Colony.

Just like previous Assault maps it pits players against each other in Attack and Defend roles, where one team attempts to capture two points while the other is tasked with defending them.

Unique to Horizon is a section of the map is an outdoor section — meaning it’s on the moon — that allows players to move around with lower gravity than they are used to making their movements lighter, their runs slower and their jumps higher.

Another, much smaller, addition to the game through Horizon is doors. It may sound small, but doors that open and close automatically allow players to be a little stealthier than they could be on another map with open entry ways.

Horizon Lunar Colony is already available in both Quick Play and Competitive matches.

For a full list of the changes that came in Patch, check out our post here.