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Overwatch to introduce new highlight features

Mom, get the camera!!!

Junkrat will no longer get all of the spotlight with his constant Play of the Games.
Showboats have a new way to share their fanciest plays.
Blizzard Entertainment

Tired of a Bastion or Junkrat snagging Play of the Game over and over again? Perhaps you just want to share your best and most audacious plays with your friends. Or maybe something ridiculous happened and you’re hungry for that sweet Reddit karma. Overwatch developers are rolling out a feature that will make all of you very happy — the ability to immediately capture up to 32 highlights.

Here’s how the new system will work. After you land an amazing Tracer bomb or deflect a Mei ultimate as Genji, you hit your capture key. After the game, the highlight will be saved under ‘recently captured’. The game will continue to automatically capture your best plays. You can save up to 32 highlights in the Overwatch client, at which point you’ll need to download them.

Xbox and PlayStation players will enjoy automatically formatted videos going straight to their video library, while PC players will find their highlights in a directory. PC players will have the ability to record in different ways. If you’re on a potato computer, your highlights can be rendered in beautiful 4k, so no one knows your shame.

An improvement to the highlights system has been a wildly requested feature since launch, and we’re looking forward to being able to show our Overwatch League worthy big plays to our friend. Our only hope is that there’s a way to include airhorns.