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Jeff Kaplan’s oversized D.Va jersey steals the show in newest Developer Update

Did you have to rewind, too?

With every major in-game update or feature comes a new Developer Update. This regular update video features Jeff Kaplan, the head of Overwatch—or “Jeff from the Overwatch team,” as he calls himself—explaining the biggest changes. This time, he’s come on camera to explain the new Highlights system.

But what’s being explained this time isn’t what everyone’s talking about.

Because... well, nobody can stop staring at Kaplan’s oversized D.Va jersey:

The colorful shirt is clearly a hockey-style homage to the Korean game-streaming Meka girl, minus the obligation to skin-tight fabric. It’s even decked out with all the logos included on the character’s bodysuit. Already, it’s likely going to be a fan classic if it ever hits stores.

The way it fits on Kaplan though, is another story. Fans have been seeing his bust for months now, and the shirt creates an interesting fit, making his shoulders appear wider and his whole frame a bit slimmer.

But there has to be a story behind this. Is he trying to give off the hockey aesthetic? Did he go up a size by accident, but find appeal in the comfort of loose fabric?

We dunno, but it’s left us all staring.

Possibly the worst part is, the jersey isn’t even available to the public... yet? Kaplan usually ends up wearing some pretty cool stuff in his videos, including an Overwatch League shirt and a cool Overwatch “army-style” jacket. Most of the time, the apparel worn by Kaplan winds up in the official Overwatch store.

This is probably the most unique attire to date, though, both visually and in its build. So fans are left wondering: Will the D.Va jersey end up available to fans as well? Or is it a Kaplan-exclusive? We can only hope for the best.

Sadly, even if we do get our hands on it, we all know that we can’t rock that almost-awkward hockey-nerd aesthetic like Kaplan does. You go, Jeff from the Overwatch team.