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Overwatch developers share upcoming plans for loot box changes

Blizzard, I need Taegeukgi D.Va like I need air to breathe.

The summer games is the next upcoming event.
The developers have been listening to feedback on events and loot.
Blizzard Entertainment

After the one year Overwatch anniversary event, fans shared their displeasure with the loot box system. An enormous amount of skins and emotes, combined with a lottery system that felt unfair, lead to many players feeling frustrated with the loot system. With the Summer Games approaching, game director Jeff Kaplan shared some changes that we can expect to see to loot and skins.

Players can expect to see drastically less duplicates, which should immediately start giving players a flood of new content that they don’t own. To make up for the loss in credits from duplicates, loot boxes will have more credits. The goal is to have credit intake be the same, if not larger, and cut down dramatically on duplicates.

Players who are tired of getting seven Torbjorn skins in a row are going to be pleased by these changes, and with the Summer Games approaching, there’s no better time to put such a system in place. While the lottery system remains, players should hopefully be able to get the content they want for their favorite heroes.