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Take a tour of the Overwatch offices with the voice actor behind D.Va

Charlet Chung takes us on a behind the scenes look at Blizzard HQ.

The voice actors behind Overwatch love the game they’re a part of and are always happy to do one or two of their iconic voice lines for fans. The people who get a little less recognition from the fans is the game’s development team. In hopes to remedy that Charlet Chung, the voice actor for D.Va, released a video tour of the Blizzard offices with some special highlights of some of the people that help make Overwatch happen.

Chung’s tour takes us all through the offices and employee cafeteria areas as well as showing off some of the amazing art that’s all around Blizzard’s main offices. She makes sure to show as many developers as possible and thank them on behalf of both the voice cast and the fans, as well as get them to sign the sleeve of an Overwatch zip jacket.

It’s nice to see some of the public facing talent that represents Overwatch give some recognition to the people that make sure we can all play the game day in and day out.