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Here are all the teams competing in the EU Overwatch Contenders Season Zero Playoffs

Europe’s best square off in the tournament’s one day Playoff conclusion.

Blizzard Entertainment

The EU Group Stage for Contenders Season Zero and with it eight teams have qualified for the tournament’s Playoffs.

Blizzard Entertainment

While most of the group results aren’t surprising, there were a few unpredictable results from the Group Stage. Group D’s Playoff participants both make sense, but the undefeated 123 moving forward as the first seed was, at the very least, a slight upset against the Movistar Riders.

Meanwhile in Group C the now sponsorless team Rest in Pyjamas — formerly Ninjas in Pyjamas — managed to advance from the group stage despite the news that they would be losing their sponsorship. Finally, the success of Bazooka Puppiez ahead of Team Expert, who were in first place in Group A just last week, will likely come as a surprise to most fans.

The Playoffs will be played on July 1, with the bracket that Blizzard announced just after the conclusion of the Group Stage.

Blizzard Entertainment

Each of the matches in the Playoff stage of the tournament will be a best of five up until the best of seven Finals. Based on what Blizzard has said in the past, these eight teams also qualify for automatic entry into Overwatch Contenders Season One, which is likely to start later this year.