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Meet Lunar Crow, the cosplayer bringing Overwatch characters to life

Lunar Crow brings Symmetra and Captain Amari out of the game and into life.

Captain Amari never leaves a teammate behind.
Stick to the plan, and if you get in trouble, I’ll bail you out.
Lunar Crow Cosplay / D.I.S/C Photography

Cosplaying is a popular field, and its no surprise that cosplayers have been flocking to Overwatch. The colorful characters, carefully designed costumes, and unique cast are all a draw. One cosplayer, Lunar Crow, has embraced Overwatch’s sense of style by cosplaying both Symmetra and Captain Amari. Lunar Crow, a 24-year-old cosplayer based in Canada, has been building costumes for three years now. She’s no stranger to Blizzard games; her first cosplay was the Demon Hunter from Diablo III.

“When Overwatch was first announced, I knew it was going to be the next big thing since Blizzard does an amazing job with their games. I was hyped up since the announcement!” she says. Overwatch has a special charm for her, though. “I'm drawn to characters in Overwatch because of their diversity. Not many games have a lot of characters that are darker skinned. I think anyone can cosplay any character regardless of their skin colour, but I really like cosplaying characters that look like me.”

A sniper can never rest.
Captain Amari, reporting for duty.
Lunar Crow Cosplay, D.I.S./C Photography
Amari was Captain during the Golden Age of Overwatch
The world’s greatest sniper.
Lunar Crow Cosplay / D.I.S/C Photography

Her affinity for these characters go deeper than surface appearances. “It's also awesome that Symmetra and Ana are support heroes - I feel like I can relate that back to my personal life since I love helping out my friends and the people I really care about.”

Symmetra in particular visually drew Lunar Crow in; the character’s synthetic arm and technology stand out. “In general, I love the look of the clean robotic design Overwatch has. Blizzard always goes a great job with their visuals in their games.

Lunar Crow balances her passion for Overwatch and cosplay with real life responsibilities. It takes her at least three months to build a costume. As she explains: “I'm a full-time student studying Computer Science, but for some parts of the year I work full-time, so it can be difficult to assemble cosplays quickly.”

Support? Defense? Lunar Crow as Symmetra rocks it all.
Harmony, balance, order... and style.
Lunar Crow Cosplay / Jasper Photography
Symmetra is on the case.
Balance will be restored.
Lunar Crow Cosplay/Destiny’s Curse Photography
Lunar Crow recreates Symmetra’s sleek robotic arm.
“I will shape order from chaos.”
Lunar Crow Cosplay/Hanamaru Photography

As Overwatch continues to grow and reach new fans, it’s likely we’ll see new people picking up cosplay as a result. Lunar Crow offers the following advice: “Keep creating and being inspired with cosplay! It brings the community together and expresses love for nerd fandom!” If you’d like something more practical from her, she offers cosplay tutorials on her Patreon.

You can find more of Lunar Crow’s work on her Twitter and Facebook.