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Blizzard debuts $450 D.Va statue, Overwatch fans weep and gnash teeth

D.Va joins Reaper, Tracer and Widowmaker as a 19” collectible statue.

Can anyone loan me a few hundred dollars
Four hundred and fifty dollars buys a LOT of doritos.
Blizzard Entertainment

Hana “D.Va” Song’s had a big year. She joined the cast of Overwatch, entered the Nexus as a Heroes of the Storm character, and now she’s getting her own statue. The 19” hand-sculpted and painted statue is now available for pre-orders.

The D.Va statue joins Reaper, Widowmaker and Tracer as a large scale, high quality collectible figurine, with one big difference: the statue is going for $450, as opposed to the usual price of $150. It makes sense, considering D.Va and her MEKA are two characters in one, and her long list of sponsors are probably a pain to paint on.

Overwatch fans who can’t dish out nearly half a grand for a figurine may be devastated, but Blizzard is offering a wide variety of figures in their store, ranging from $10 Funko pops to mid-range Nendoroid and Figma characters.

If you have one of the most popular set of characters in gaming, it makes sense to monetize cool merch of them. D.Va remains a difficult character to sculpt; even her Funk Pop is 2.5x the cost of a standard figure.

Fans who pre-order can expect their new collectible by Q4 2017.