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The new Horizon Lunar Colony Overwatch map is filled with secrets

Here’s the origin and all the easter eggs you’ll want to know.

Horizon Lunar Colony, the newest Overwatch map, hit the Public Test Realm just about a week ago. The moon map is full of history regarding Winston, his science dad (also named Winston, who we will call Dr. Winston for clarity) and the project that the two were a part of. The Horizon Lunar Colony map is a two capture-point map with no payload, similar to Hanamura.

There are also possible hints of a new hero being teased throughout the map and subsequent blog posts made by the Overwatch team.

The Lunar Colony is crucial to Winston’s upbringing. It is here that he, along with many other primates, were experimented on and enhanced beyond their normal capabilities. However, things went terribly wrong when there was a uprising among the test subjects. The primates attacked and presumably murdered all of the scientists on base, claiming Horizon as their own. Only Winston and the mysterious “Hammond” managed to escape.

As you might expect, the map is full of all sorts of fun primate stuff. There is a jungle-gym filled with tire-swings and rock-walls. For younger subject development, there is an open play area filled with puzzles as well as a classroom. You can even find your way into Winston’s old room, which is of course noted with a tiny jar of peanut butter.

There are also lots of science-y things for people to explore as well. The Horizon Lunar Colony has a hydroponics lab, a cool telescope to look through and even a satellite to destroy. It being the moon, there is also a very cool side area in space, complete with low-gravity.

There are tons of Easter Eggs and hidden things to find on this new map. For a fly-through of Horizon Lunar Colony and an examination of secrets, check out this long, in-depth YouTube video by Rhykker.