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How Ana, Sombra and Orisa have fit in with Overwatch’s original 21 heroes

Let’s talk about the three newbies.

Overwatch just celebrated its first birthday. It seems like quite a long time ago that we had the original roster of 21 heroes. In the past year, we have seen the release of three new heroes in three different classes. With new characters comes all new play-styles. Time to take a look at what Overwatch’s newest, most dangerous ladies bring to the table.


Blizzard Entertainment

Ana offered something that was sorely missing in Overwatch: a good sniper ...

Goofing aside, most of the game’s other supports force players to play up close and personal. The farthest range support used to be Zenyatta, who isn’t necessarily known for his incredible throughput.

Ana offered some much needed ranged utility to the game. She is the perfect counter to so many characters. Whether she is suppressing Roadhog’s healing ability or putting Winston to sleep, she is able to keep the team safe and healthy through more than just heals.

Nano Boost, her ultimate, is also one of the best abilities in the game. It offers nearly limitless potential and can turn any hero into a monster. This has created some amazing moments across the board. For example, the old Beyblade combo with a Nano Boosted Reaper.


Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra was a strange addition to the Overwatch team, not necessarily because of what she can do in game, but because of all the leaks and the ARG that surrounded her. When she was finally revealed at Blizzcon last year, it felt like a burden had been lifted off of everyone’s collective shoulders.

In game, she offers something fairly different from many other offensive characters. She is very mobile and hard to keep track of, not dissimilar from Tracer. But where Tracer thrives in going in, poking, and getting out, Sombra thrives in pure mischief. Sombra is able to completely silence an enemy team, removing their casting ultimates or their ability to do many of their other primary functions.

Sombra may be one of Overwatch’s more niche characters, but when she is thriving, she is an invaluable member to her team.


Blizzard Entertainment

Orisa is a weird amalgamation of a lot of different Overwatch things. She has quite a few familiar abilities packed into a not-so-familiar kit. However, when you play her, she still feels fresh and new.

As she is Overwatch’s newest hero, it is still hard to tell where she will end up. That being said, she has already made herself known in your solo queue games by her almost oppressive ability to hold down a small area.

There are so many great things about her Orisa. From her gun that can seemingly shoot forever to her weird Zarya ultimate on a basic ability, Halt!, Orisa is able to provide her allies with enough tools and protection that she feels useful. Surely we will learn more of her strengths and weaknesses as the year goes on, but everything we have seen so far has been very promising.