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Rogue win TakeOver2 tournament, continue first place streak

The unstoppable squad finished the tournament with only one loss.


North American team Rogue has won TakeTV’s TakeOver2 tournament winning the Finals against European side, eUnited 3-1. The tournament, hosted in Krefeld, Germany, was played between eight Overwatch teams with six invitees, and two teams that won their way in through a qualifier.

Both eUnited and Rogue looked dominant in the tournament only losing games to each other with Rogue only dropping one match in the entire tournament. For Rogue, this marks the sixth straight win at an Overwatch tournament continuing their streak of only first place finishes at tournaments during 2017. This run of performances comes after the team left the Korean Apex tournament where they had previously been eliminated during the quarter-finals during the first season and failed to advance from the group stage during season three.

For eUnited, TakeOver2 represented the team’s second ever tournament and second straight runner-up performance — the team also played in the Overwatch PIT Championship - Europe.

Rogue will participate in the Overwatch Contenders: Season One tournament by exclusive invite, however, no date has been announced for the tournament. Meanwhile, eUnited will begin playing in the Open Bracket segment of Europe’s Overwatch Contenders: Season Zero tournament later this week.