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Welcome to Heroes Never Die!

A Polygon community that covers the weird and wonderful world of Overwatch

We’re gliding into cover comprehensive Overwatch coverage.
Blizzard Entertainment

I’m Cass Marshall, and I’m pleased to be welcoming you — along with a stalwart crew of contributors and support staff — to Heroes Never Die, Polygon’s new venture to cover all things Overwatch.

Polygon, and a good chunk of our writers, got experience doing this sort of thing with League of Legends-centric site The Rift Herald. With that in mind, Overwatch is a weird, wonderful, and unique property. We want to represent every angle of the community, from the pro players gearing up to compete on the international stage to the writers at home lovingly crafting their latest fanfic chapter.

Speaking of writers, we’ve assembled a kickass team to cover the Overwatch beat.

Ryan Gilliam: Oh hello, I’m Ryan. You may know me from our sister-site, The Rift Herald, where I am our gameplay lead. I started writing about League of Legends over a year ago at this point and am thrilled to add Heroes Never Die to my work calendar! I write lots of guides wherever I go (like this one for Orisa), so you can expect that to continue here. Of course, I will also be writing plenty of fun stories about Overwatch culture and lore. I know that Heroes Never Die will become an awesome community built around an already awesome game. You are always welcome here, but if you are anti-Zenyatta, keep that nonsense to yourself.

Austen Goslin: While I can most often be found over at The Rift Herald, where I’m the esports lead, I can’t wait to help cover all things professional Overwatch with all of the wonderful writers at Heroes Never Die. The Overwatch League may be what brings me to the site in the first place, but it’s the game’s passionate and ecstatic fans that have me most excited to cover the league. I can’t wait to see the fantastic community of fans, who already care so much about Overwatch as a game, discover which professional teams and players they love most.

By way of introduction, I’ve been involved in the League of Legends scene for three years, but Overwatch caught my eye as soon as I saw the original reveal trailer. I’ve been involved in the esports scene professionally, including holding a staff writing position with Immortals, but it's not the pro scene that initially drew me to Overwatch — it’s the fan passion, the communities that form, and even the winding paths fanon can take.

You can follow us on Twitter for daily updates and new articles, or follow our staff members at @RequineGG, @RyGilliam, @AustenG. Feel free to keep us updated with what you like, don’t like, and want to see from Heroes Never Die!