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Sombra’s hinting at some major Overwatch secrets

Revisiting Sombra’s Origins animation

Sombra, as a child, in her Origins animation.
Sombra’s never been shy about trading secrets.
Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra has, ever since she was initially hinted at, been the most infuriatingly knowledgeable character in the entire game. While other characters are left guessing at things like the secret motivations of Lumerico, or the identity of that incredibly handsome cyborg ninja showing up in Hanamura, Sombra’s already hacked the system. She’s four steps ahead of us, the players, but she kept up a friendly dialogue with anyone dedicated enough to pursue her trail through the ARG.

Sombra is always a little bit fourth-wall breaking, from her camera tapping boop! at the end of Infiltration to the fact that her Origins animation seemingly has her talking (and sharing her secrets) with the viewer.

The end of that animation shows Sombra standing in front of a wall of information, and while we’re aware of most connections, there are some mysteries that may hint at future heroes or plot developments.

Us players are left guessing at what, exactly, she knows.
Sombra has everyone’s secrets.
Blizzard Entertainment

The major players

Let’s start with the big factions who show up. Overwatch is on the board to the right, along with its agents. Sombra, unsurprisingly, knows the secret identities of Ana, Soldier 76, and Reaper.

In the center, we have the All-Seeing Eye — more on them later — and Talon. To the left, we have the omnics, or at least a faction of omnics, Volskaya Industries and Lumerico. Sombra likes to organize people by factions and connections, and then work from there.

Now, here’s where things get interesting.

Amari Associates

Computer, enhance.

If only Sombra had a bigger screen...
Let’s zoom in on these little hints.
Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra knows Ana Amari’s secret identity, and she’s also tracking Ana’s association with ... an unknown person. This could be as simple as the local contacts Ana made around the Necropolis to survive, or this person’s proximity to Widowmaker could be a clue. The women do share a history, after all.

Pharah is also being tracked as Ana Amari’s daughter. Ana has a connection next to Pharah, another unknown person. This is most likely Pharah’s father. Pharah is also linked to Helix Security International and ... another face. We don’t know this person and we can’t make much out, but it does seem like Pharah has at least one connection worth tracking.

Shimada Speculation

Up in the top right of the map, we can see the dual dragons of the Shimada clan. Hanzo is just a tiny blip on Sombra’s radar — she seems wildly disinterested in his vague quest for redemption, while Genji is far more intriguing to her. Keen eyes will spot another profile on the board. While we’re not sure who it is, we can expect to see at least one new face show up in the Shimada saga.

Oh, no, omnics!

The omnics might be aiming for another crisis.
Okay, this looks SUPER suspicious.
Blizzard Entertainment

In Infiltration, we learned that Katya Volskaya was working with the omnics to create a new line of defense for Russia, which would be necessary to defend... from the omnics.

It’s pretty clear why Sombra has Katya over in such a barrel at the moment. Complicating things further is Katya’s family, especially her daughter. Her husband seems to have some associates as well. Interestingly, we don’t see Zarya on the board here. Sombra might not know about Katya’s plan of counter-attack.

At the bottom, we can see the tech the omnics traded over to Russia, and we know from Infiltration that these new mechs are capable of besting Reaper once activated.

What about the projects on the bottom right? We have a spider tank - which was, prior to Orisa’s reveal, rumored to be Efi Oladele’s vehicle of choice for entering Overwatch — and we have ... the Doomfist?

Who are the All Seeing Eye?

Sombra’s hunting the All Seeing Eye down.
The hidden manipulators behind the Overwatch scene.
Blizzard Entertainment

Right now, Sombra is the only character who seems aware of the All Seeing Eye. They forced her out of the hacking game when she was a teenager, and she went underground as a response. Joining up with Talon is just a way to stay safe and gather intel while she looks for them.

They’re also in the center of Sombra’s influence map. This could be because she’s obsessed with them, but she also has them connected to everything. These guys, whoever they are, could potentially be behind some of the biggest conflicts in the setting.

Unfortunately, the only person on the case so far is Sombra, and while she’s gathering friends and intel, she also has her fair share of enemies. We’re going to have to wait for more story to understand exactly what’s going on, but at least we were rewarded with some tantalizing hints.