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Overwatch World Cup 2017 groups and locations announced

The Overwatch World Cup will host its opening stage in four different countries!

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has announced the location of its Overwatch World Cup Group Stage matches. According to the Overwatch World Cup site, the Group Stage will be held in four different countries with two groups playing their matches in each host city.

The Groups will be made up of four teams from around the world and were decided based on the seeding. The seeding was based off of the competitive skill ranking of the top 100 players in each region.

Shanghai, China

Group A Group B
Group A Group B
1. China 8. France
16. Hong Kong 9. Denmark
17. Norway 24. Thailand
32. Romania 25. Argentina

Sydney, Australia

Group C Group D
Group C Group D
4. Sweden 5. Finland
13. Australia 12. Japan
20. Italy 21. Spain
29. Portugal 28. Vietnam

Katowice, Poland

Group E Group F
Group E Group F
2. South Korea 7. Canada
15. Netherlands 10. Russia
18. Poland 23. Singapore
31. Austria 26. Turkey

Burbank, United States

Group G Group H
Group G Group H
3. United States 6. United Kingdom
14. Chinese Taipei 11. Germany
19. Brazil 22. Israel
30. New Zealand 27. Belgium

While the dates of each Group Stage have not yet been announced, tickets that have gone on sale suggest that the Sydney groups will play between July 21st and July 23. More information on the dates and tickets should be available soon.