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Want an Overwatch Netflix series? This fan-made trailer will blow you away

I want to live in this beautiful, hypothetical world so badly.

Overwatch on Netflix would be a dream come true.
Just inject it directly into my veins, please.
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Pixaresque art style, strong character design, and world building has been one of the strongest points of the game since its announcement. The museum cinematic, introducing the glory days of Overwatch and showing off a Talon versus Overwatch battle, ignited imaginations and drew in a whole new group of fans who may not have been otherwise inspired to pick up a team shooter. The first season of shorts (Recall, Alive, Dragons, Hero, The Last Bastion, and Infiltration) each showed a slice of Overwatch’s global conflict. Right now, we’re hungrily waiting for season two of cinematic shorts. But what if we had something a little meatier?

Lion Montages imagined a world where Netflix picked up Overwatch for an original series, and put together this stunning trailer made up of the first season of shorts (with a small cameo from D.Va’s announcement cinematic from Heroes of the Storm).

Fans have been itching for a deeper look into Overwatch’s world for a long time, and this hypothetical fan-made Netflix trailer only fuels that desire.

This is actually Lion Montages’ second look at a potential Overwatch media trailer. They made a similar piece imagining a trailer for a movie trailer. It’s interesting to see how they paced the trailers differently, and which aspects of the greater story they focused on.

The biggest hurdle to creating an Overwatch show or movie has always been the high standard of animation Blizzard puts into its work. Even the Warcraft movie went with live action, makeup, and CGI over the cinematic style despite the praise for Blizzard’s cinematics.

Of course, the recent Doomfist origin short by Wolf Smoke Studio implies that Blizzard may be willing to experiment with other ways to tell a story.

There’s no sign of an Overwatch show on the horizon, so we’re forced to watch Lion Montages’ efforts again, and again, and again, until we either get an announcement or the first season two cinematic hits.