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BEAT Overwatch 2017 results: Rogue takes down Immortals in close final

The Contenders Season Zero champions almost manage to take the series from the unbeatable Rogue.


Rogue are the champions of the second ever BEAT Overwatch invitational after taking down Immortals in a seven game series.

The tournament was held with a double elimination playoffs with both a winners bracket and a losers bracket. Immortals and Rogue met in the finals of the Winners bracket where Rogue 3-1. After Immortals won their match match in the losers bracket against Arc 6, they once against faced Rogue, this time in the Grand Finals.

During the final series Rogue went up 3-0 early, before Immortals took the next three games putting the teams even at 3-3 going into the final map — Volskaya Industries. Rogue narrowly took the final map 3-2 and barely managed to earn their seventh tournament of 2017 so far. They have yet to lose a premier tournament they have competed in.

Immortals entered the BEAT Invitational coming off of an impressive Overwatch Contenders Season Zero victory as well as a new and highly successful roster that is still getting over some early growing pains and improving.

All of this leads up to the kick off of Overwatch Contenders Season One, which will have both Immortals and Rogue as well as six of North America’s top Overwatch squads.