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Doomfist’s skins hit the PTR, give a fresh take on a big fist

Doomfist’s cosmetics are here, they’re beautiful, and we want to buy them all.

Doomfist’s Painted skin and golden weapon make for a good combo.
Why go basic when you can go beautiful?
Blizzard Entertainment
Doomfist’s basic recolors also polish up his fist.
Doomfist is a nature loving kinda guy under that giant fist.
Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfist’s rare skins, priced at a very reasonable 75 credits each, give the new Offense hero a pleasing palette of nature tones. Lake, Daisy, Plains, and Sunset each give him a snazzy new pair of pants, and also polish up his glove as well. (Players who were planning on grinding out the 3000 competitive points for a golden Doomfist are likely relieved; the weapon on his base skin is already nice and gold.)

Doomfist’s epic skins are a steal at 250 credits each.
Why have a cheetah print purse when you can have it on a Doomfist?
Blizzard Entertainment

Cheetah and Painted, Doomfist’s epic skins, are a pretty overt nod to the Talon tactician’s African roots. At 250 credits each, these are a wonderfully economic way to adorn Doomfist with some new colors. While I’m not a fan of Cheetah (the fur print is a little much, although it’s very much in line with Talon’s motif of being over the top at all times), Painted is a visually striking skin.

Maybe you’re thinking, all of this is great, but what if there was a skin that really made Doomfist look like a villain on a terrible ‘80s Saturday Morning Cartoon? Where are the metal nipples? If that’s your taste, look no further than Irin and Caution, his first two Legendary skins.

Make an impact with one of these legendaries.
These skins choose a bold aesthetic.
Blizzard Entertainment

These two legendary skins actually give us a bit of an alternate universe lore dump: “After losing his arm in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, Doomfist turned to cybernetics to recover and even become stronger than before.” I’m definitely pro-transhumanism, but the metal areolas are a bit much.

These skins are gorgeous.
Primary colors and spiritual elements are the hallmarks of Doomfist’s second legendary set.
Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re looking for something a bit more spiritual, Doomfist’s Avatar and Spirit skins re-imagine the big man as something much closer to a God. These skins are a departure from the core fantasy of a Talon strategist, but the bold colors and totemic fist are very visually appealing.

It remains to be seen whether Doomfist will be receiving any additional content during, say, the upcoming Summer Games. Orisa dropped just before Uprising, which gave her a Null Sector themed skin. If you don’t like the current set of Doomfist skins, it may be worth keeping your eyes on the horizon.