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The highlights of Doomfist’s POTG intros, sprays, and other PTR goodies

Doomfist’s PTR content contains a smorgasbord of references to pop culture and other heroes.

His PTR content is jampacked with references to pop culture.
Doomfist picked up his swagger from a certain boxing legend.
Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfist has hit the PTR, and his skins are a treat, but the rest of his unlockable content is even better. Every hero comes with a collection of highlight intros, sprays, poses, emotes, and voice lines, and Doomfist’s content references pop culture, his origin animation, and even other heroes.

First of all, let’s take a moment to admire his three Play of the Game intros. If he’s anything like his origin animation, you’ll probably be seeing these a lot. Thanks to YouTube user EnReapAy for the upload!

His voice lines are where we first get a glimpse of the pop culture references. Beyond the basic “Try me!” that everyone gets for free, he has ten unlockable voice lines that can be picked up for 25 credits a piece.

...But he does know a few jokes.
He’s not a chatty guy.
Blizzard Entertainment

“Talk to the fist” is a pretty obvious play on “talk to the hand”. “Combo breaker” is a fighting game term, along with “K.O.” “One punch is all I need” is a reference to a very different kind of brawler, One Punch Man. Doomfist also has an interaction with Junkrat that he grouses he would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. Maybe he watched a lot of Scooby Doo in prison?

His emotes are charming as well. YouTube user Iafon posted all five of his emotes, including a Gladiator inspired thumbs down. Personally, I’m a fan of the fake out punch—it’s nice to see Doomfist showing a sense of humor.

Now, his sprays are where things really get interesting. For one, there’s, well, this:

The most low key horrifying spray in the game gets a pal
They said he could level a skyscraper!
Blizzard Entertainment

The kid from the cinematic is one of the least popular sprays in the game, due to his small pupils and weird, vacant stare. Turns out anything he can do, Doomfist can do better, and he’s willing to show that off in a spray.

Doomfist mimics a legendary boxing photo.
Doomfist is taking inspiration from another legend.
Blizzard Entertainment

This spray, where Doomfist takes out a Numbani omnic, is a pretty clear reference to an iconic photo of boxer Muhammad Ali.

Hey, that’s cheating!
It’s easy to be OP when you know the Konami Code.
Blizzard Entertainment

This spray is a pretty clear reference to the Konami Code, which is cheeky on Blizzard’s part. If Doomfist turns out to be OP upon launch, we all know who to blame.

Personally, I’d ask him to use the other arm.
Whooo wants to arm wrestle?!
Blizzard Entertainment

This spray is just one half of the puzzle. Zarya and Reinhardt both have arm wrestling sprays that tell a little story. Zarya and Reinhardt arm wrestled, struggled at that very table, and Reinhardt won. Zarya plays it off. “I heard it was your birthday, old man, so I went easy on you.” It looks like Doomfist is the next arm wrestling contender at the table. He may have an unfair advantage.

Neither a savior, nor a scourge.
The third banner is finally unveiled.
Blizzard Entertainment

On the more serious side, we get to finally see the third Doomfist banner. Doomfist is there in all of his glory, but we don’t see his title, the Successor. He may be working on forging his own path, and claiming a much darker title in the process.

Lookin’ good, Doomfist.
Everyone goes crazy for a sharp dressed Akande.
Blizzard Entertainment

This spray is charming, and it also raises questions of what, exactly, Akande is dressing up for. Talon fancy ball? Schmoozing with politicians? Maybe he just likes to feel slick when he’s not in the battlefield. Either way, he manages to stand out from a crowd even without the Doomfist.

A young Akande before he got big.
Doomfist, before the Doomfist.
Blizzard Entertainment

We also get a glimpse at a young Akande, presumably before he lost an arm in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis. Even though he’s younger, he has a bitter look about him, foreshadowing the motives that would drive him into Talon’s council.

This remains the most horrifying thing Doomfist has ever done.
Just a casual reminder of ATTEMPTED CHRONO-MURDER!
Blizzard Entertainment

This spray recalls the time Doomfist reached out, smashed Tracer’s chronoaccelerator, and phased her out of time. It’s mildly horrifying, especially when you consider Tracer essentially became a ghost lost in time and space as a result.

Well, at least she’s better now.

Maybe this is a reference to Hammond? Probably not.
I uh, I think he holds a grudge.
Blizzard Entertainment

Finally, there’s this spray, from which we can learn two important facts.

One, Doomfist is still furious at Winston for bringing him in, and he’s been honing that rage every day he’s in prison.

Two, he may be a tactician and global leader, but the man absolutely cannot draw.