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How to watch the Overwatch World Cup’s Shanghai Group Stage: Streams, schedule and results

The first matches of the Overwatch World Cup kick off this weekend!

Blizzard Entertainment

It’s once again time for the Overwatch World Cup. This will be the second time that Blizzard has held the event, which pits national teams from all over the world against each other to determine which country will be the Overwatch World Champion.

This year, the event includes a Group Stage qualifier that will help more teams participate than the direct invite system used for last year’s competition. The tournament’s qualifier is broken up into groups of four with the top two advancing after the Group Stage.

The first two groups to compete will be Groups A and B who will battle it out in Shanghai this weekend July 14-16.

Shanghai, China

Group A Group B
Group A Group B
1. China 8. France
16. Hong Kong 9. Denmark
17. Norway 24. Thailand
32. Romania 25. Argentina

July 14, 2 a.m. EST - 8 a.m. EST

China vs Romania - 4-0

Hong Kong vs Norway 3-1

France vs Argentina 4-0

Denmark vs Thailand 2-2

July 15, 2 a.m. EST - 8 a.m. EST

China vs Norway 4-0

Hong Kong vs Romania 2-2

France vs Thailand 3-1

Denmark vs Argentina 3-1

July 16, 12 a.m. EST - 9 a.m. EST

China vs Hong Kong 4-0

Norway vs Romania 4-0

France vs Denmark 3-1

Thailand vs Argentina 4-0

Where to Watch

The matches will be broadcast every day, with English commentary, on the Overwatch Twitch channel.