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China and France qualify for Blizzcon Stage of Overwatch World Cup

Both teams dominate the qualifier rounds in clean sweeps.

Blizzard Entertainment

The first of the Overwatch World Cup’s Group Stage qualifiers has come to a close giving us the first two teams that will traveling to Blizzcon for the Playoffs.

Hosted in Shanghai last weekend, the qualifier was between Group A and Group B. Both groups were headed by world favorites and all around esports juggernauts with China leading Group A and France at the head of Group B.

Unsurprisingly, both teams won all three of their head to head match ups with the other members of their groups with China never dropping a round and France moving through with a round score of 10-2.

The two teams were pitted against the second place competitor from the opposite group in a five game series to determine who would get to advance to Blizzcon. In these rounds China swept Thailand easily, while France did the same getting a 3-0 against Norway.

These two teams will be joined by more teams as the qualifiers continue and more teams earn their way to the Blizzcon finals in Anaheim.