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Doomfist release date confirmed for July 27

The long wait is almost over!

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard confirmed in a new behind the scenes video that Overwatch’s newest hero, Doomfist, will be released on July 27.

The video gives fans a brief look at Doomfist’s creation and design, and highlights some of the people on the team that helped create him. Originally teased in the game’s first trailer, Doomfist’s eventual release has been a sort of looming presence around Overwatch with fans quickly connecting any new piece of lore to art directly to the character. When he was finally revealed at the beginning of July the fanbase was ecstatic and ready to get their hands on the character that the developer describe as a love letter to fighting games. Now, the wait is almost over with just a few days before Doomfist’s release.

For more information on Doomfist, check out our breakdown of his lore, his first new skins or even a little bit about how he plays from the PTR.